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Rebate Questions and Answers:

1. Does it cost me anything to use your service or will I have to pay higher rent for my apartment?
No. Our service is completely free and you will pay the same rent for your apartment whether you use our service or not.
2. How can Apartment Match offer this service and rebates if it doesn't cost me anything? Surely there's a hidden catch?
There's no hidden catches! Apartments pay us from their marketing budgets when we find a new renter for them. There are many apartment locating services and almost all of them keep this money for themselves. Apartment Match shares this money with you by giving you a cash rebate once you've moved into your new apartment.
3. Will I still get a rebate if a different locator has already taken me to a property?
No. On your first visit to the property, it is imperative that you mention Apartment Match on your guest card and lease application to obtain a rebate from us.
4. When will I receive my rebate?
You will receive your rebate from us once we have received payment from the apartment. The time usually depends on the apartment complex - some pay sooner than later. Your rebate payment will be in the form of a check which will be mailed to you at the address you enter on the rebate form.
5. I have found an apartment that I like but I don't see it listed in your database. Can I still use Apartment Match as my locator and claim a rebate?
Call us first and we will see if they work with locators. Then we will obtain all the information from them to give you.
6. How can I be sure I get a rebate for using your service?
Be sure to mention Apartment Match on your guest card and lease application when you first visit the apartment. You must also report your lease to us via the rebate application form within 30 days of signing your lease agreement.
7. Are there any hidden fees?
No. There are no hidden fees. You don't even have to sign up to use our search engine! This is a completely free service!
8. Do you work with every apartment?
No, but we do work with most. If you are interested in a specific apartment and are unsure if it will work, please contact us.

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